Breast cancer: Graviola or the soursop fruit contains properties which could help


How it works

Graviola contains hundreds of chemicals called acetogenins (ACGs), said WebMD.

The health site continued: “In lab tests, ACGs kill many types of cancer cells without harming healthy ones. They can even treat tumours that haven’t responded to cancer medicines. 

“ACGs seem to work in different ways to kill, block, or otherwise fight different types of cancers.”

The pathways include:

Cell death. Normally, old or damaged cells die naturally, a process called apoptosis. Cancerous cells often find a way to dodge this and to survive. Graviola leaf extracts may force cancer cells to go through normal cell death.

Block metastasis. It’s also called a cancer spread. Lab studies found that graviola extracts stopped cancer cells from growing and metastasizing.

Scramble signals. Cells receive messages from inside and outside the cell. Signalling pathways relay the messages. A mistake in one of these pathways can lead to cancer. Graviola blocks pathways that control the growth and life cycle of cancer cells.

ATP. Every cell in your body uses a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for energy. When graviola blocks ATP in cancer cells, the cells die.



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