What Happened To Big Budah On Fox 13?

On Fox 13, Big Budah has been updating his viewers on his struggles.

In addition, he has detailed the hardships he had while healing from a knee injury in one of his blogs.

He has been going to the gym with his pal Jordan Larson to keep his body in shape.

He also endured painful body fat reduction surgery as part of his weight loss journey. However, we anticipated that he would be healing at this time.

We may also learn more about Budah’s weight-loss method by following him on social media.


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Big Budah Weight Loss And Surgery Issue

The three-year anniversary of Big Budah’s weight-loss surgery is approaching.

Unfortunately, he’s had his share of physical setbacks along the way, but he’s always managed to get back on his feet.

As previously stated, he had knee difficulties that necessitated surgery during his weight loss quest.

Despite the difficulties, Budah has eventually found success by altering his workout program.

Big Budah has also discovered a new exercise routine that he enjoys. He hasn’t had weight loss surgery in three years.

Is Big Budah Still Alive Or Dead? Where Is He Today?

As of today, Big Budah is still alive and in fantastic health.

According to sources, he hasn’t been sick or had any health issues.

Big Budah’s timeline has been updated with several new posts. He is the first Samoan to work as a reporter for a major news organization.

He typically transmits the 10:10 AM newscast and many Zoom lives throughout the quarantine period.


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