Being In Touch With Your Ex Irks Your Partner? Try The Following Tips To Reassure Your Partner


There was a time when breakups occurred usually on bitter terms and couples, once estranged would sever all ties with their ex-partner. However, as our perception of things is changing, many of us have mastered the art of remaining on good terms with our exes even after parting ways. This is generally due to the fact that the younger generation has learnt to identify red flags in a relationship and choose to end it when they realize things may not work out, instead of waiting for the relationship to turn toxic. While this is appreciable, it can sometimes cause issues with the current partner.

If you are still in contact with your ex and talk to them quite often while being in a relationship, your partner may have bouts of insecurity and if not resolved, can cause cracks in your current relationship over time. While the decision to remain in touch with your ex rests with you alone, you must consider your partner’s suggestion. There are some ways you may stop the cracks from developing. You can try the following.

Reassure your partner of your love

Talking it out is your best option here. Take in as much effort as you need to make your partner understand that you only love them and your ex is just a friend now.

Avoid Comparing

You will invariably end up comparing your current connection to previous ones. Because somehow, your former partner serves as your standard for romantic encounters. However, your partner is being treated very unfairly since they are expected to live up to standards that are not placed on them. Refrain from doing that. Always think of your new relationship as starting from a clean slate.

Share your expectations

Make sure your partner doesn’t cross the line if you want them to quit blaming you or bringing up your ex. Ask them to stop specifically discussing your ex since you don’t feel comfortable with it. Your partner needs to be able to accept this and overcome their insecurities.

Reduce interaction with ex

You can also try introspecting about whether you genuinely spend too much time interacting with your ex. Considering you did have feelings for your ex at some point, watching you talk too much to your ex can, in all fairness, make your partner insecure. If the interaction is too frequent, try to lower it a bit.

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