Back pain treatment: The five best yoga poses to instantly relieve back pain


Forward Fold

When we forward fold we stimulate blood flow to our head and stretch out our lower backs.

You can do this in a basic forward fold or a headstand, depending on your yoga practice, but both are just as effective.

This pose is also brilliant for beating the negative mental side effects associated with back pain.

Chatty explained: “Being inverted detoxifies our adrenals, which has been found to decrease depression.”

So how do you do it? Well, stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees deeply.

The yoga teacher instructed: “Fold forward at the pelvis, then catch opposite elbows and sway yourself backwards and forwards and side to side.

“Don’t be tempted to try and straighten your legs as it’ll cause pain in the lower back and hamstrings and completely defeat the point of this pose making you feel better!

“Focus your attention on your breathing (something as simple as feeling how far up the nostrils you can feel cool air swoop in, and the difference in temperature of your exhale down the nostrils can be a great distraction).”



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