Ayurveda Expert Explains the Best Sleeping Direction for You


Having a good night’s sleep is important. After all the intensity of your sleep decides how your body will work the next day. Sound sleep is not only necessary for enhancing productivity and energy levels but also to improve your mood, and concentration, and keep a check on your mental and physical health. While the importance of an eight-hour sleep needs no new introduction and can’t be said enough, hardly anyone has ever educated us about which direction is ideal to attain that sound sleep you have been craving for. Realising the importance of this crucial topic, Ayurvedic expert Dr. Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya took to her Instagram account to talk about the best sleeping position.

While dropping two pictures, she addressed the topic by penning down a long note in her caption, in which she talked about the ayurvedic science of sleep direction. She began by saying that one must never sleep with their head facing the north side and further detailed about the other directions. She wrote, “According to the ancient Ayurvedic practice, you should never sleep with your head facing north. In my study of Ayurveda and sleep, I discovered the science of sleep direction according to Ayurveda.” As she elaborated the reasons for north being the least preferable direction, she revealed that both the north side and our heads are positively charged and when two positively charged magnets meet they create “havoc” and even cause certain health problems.

She wrote, “Don’t sleep with your head facing North.” She added, “If one sleeps with the head toward the north because the north of the earth is positively charged, like the head of the human being, the two positively charged magnets will play havoc with the mind. You certainly won’t get a restful night’s sleep and are likely to wake up exhausted from the unconscious war that’s been going on all night long. This magnetism is understood, Ayurvedically, to affect blood circulation, stress and cause disturbance of the mind.”

Then she talked about sleeping in the east direction, which according to her is the “great sleep direction”. While revealing the reasons for the same, she said, “East is the preferred sleep direction, especially if you’re using your brain for learning and need to nurture your memory! With your circulations, it is said to improve concentration, promote meditative sleep and very good health.” While the west is an “acceptable sleep direction”, south is also considered as the “great sleep direction”, according to Dixa. Reasoning the same, she revealed, “Sleeping west could give you an unsettled night sleep. Vastu Shastra says this is the direction of striving which could give you unsettling dreams and not a very restful night’s sleep.”

She added, “Sleeping south is considered the direction of deep, heavy sleep. As South is negatively charged and your head is positively charged, there is a harmonious attraction between your head and the direction. Instead of energy being pulled out if you sleep with your head to the north, energy is drawn into your body promoting health, happiness, and prosperity. That means you should sleep like a log with your head facing south.” Dixa concluded by suggesting that if you are unable to sleep well presently, then you must try and change your bed’s position and see if that brings in the change for you.

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