Anxiety help: Six effective self-management strategies to ease symptoms


Signs of anxiety include a racing heart, obsessive thinking, and avoidance of triggering situations. If this condition is interfering with your life, reclaim your power by following these helpful tips.

Beyond Blue – a mental health organisation – clarify that anxiety “is more than just feeling stressed or worried”.

It’s when anxious feelings happen out of the blue, or make it hard to cope with daly life, that an anxiety condition may exist.

Physical sensations felt with anxiety include hot and cold flushes, tightening of the chest, feeling tense, wound up and edgy.

Become zen

Practising daily meditation will enable you to focus on the present moment more easily.

Anxiety has the tendency to allow thoughts to run away with you, thinking of all sorts of imagined scenarios that could be stressful.

In order to counteract excess worrying and catastrophising, bring your attention to your breath and the present moment.

Live a good life

Keeping physically active, eating a well-balanced nutritious diet, going out into nature and spending time with uplifting friends and family can reduce anxiety.

Challenge yourself

Anxiety can arise from the way you speak to yourself, as “how you think affects how you feel”.

“Anxiety can make you overestimate the danger in a situation and underestimate your ability to handle it,” explained Beyond Blue.

To counteract this, look at the facts for and against your thought being true.

Try to think of different interpretations to a situation that’s making you anxious.

For more information on how you can help to ease feelings of anxiety, visit Beyond Blue.

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