Antoni Porowski’s Fuzzy, Grown-Out Buzzcut Has Me Feeling… a Way — See Photos


You are attracted to Antoni Porowski. Regardless of your gender, your sexuality, your “type” — it’s just true. You are. We all are. If you don’t think that applies to you, let me show you the Queer Eye star’s latest selfie, depicting a grown-out buzzcut that has the internet (myself included) decreeing “daddy.”

“Dog hair don’t care,” the food and wine expert wrote on Instagram on January 18. He’s definitely talking about the fact that he’s covered in literal dog hair — but the hair on his head is also at that perfect fuzzy length that kind of feels like a dog’s when you run your hands through it. Naturally, his followers are littering the comment section with sentiments such as “Baby you look like my favorite snack,” “how do you just look like this,” and “Pls ruin my life.” Agreed.

This isn’t the first time Porowski’s buzzed all his hair off; in July of 2020, he debuted a closely-shaven head, which also sent the internet into a thirsty tailspin. There’s something about this specific length, though, that just hits different. Maybe it’s because, as some commenters have pointed out, he looks a little bit like Justin Bieber or maybe even Christian Bale. 

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Whatever magic is in this haircut, I hope Porowski considers keeping it around for a while. With the recent premiere of Queer Eye‘s latest season, after all, he does have a short break from slicing avocados, resolving people’s mommy issues, and prancing around shirtless on camera. 



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