Andrew Garfield Deprived Himself of Sex for 6 Months for a Role, Know Effects of Celibacy on Your Health


Celibacy or abstinence is a practice of not having sex for a long time. When someone does not have sex for a long period of time, they are unlikely to have any adverse effects on their health. However, research indicates that having regular sex can have certain health benefits like improved immune system function, lower stress levels, reduced blood pressure, and lower risk of cardiac arrest.

Recently, Hollywood actor Andrew Garfield revealed that he adopted celibacy for six months for the preparation of a challenging role. Andrew Garfield delivered one of his finest performances in Martin Scorsese’s Silence. The actor was praised for his role in the film. However, many people don’t know that he deprived himself of sex and food for six months. In the recent episode of WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Garfield divulged that he went to extreme lengths to ace the character perfectly.

“I was celibate for six months and fasting a lot because me and Adam Driver had to lose a lot of weight anyways. I had some pretty wild, trippy experiences from starving myself of sex and food for that period of time. It gives you some gifts for sure,” Garfield said.


According to a report in Indian Express, celibacy has an impact on both mental and physical health. During sexual engagement, feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are released. That is the reason you feel happier during sexual activity. The human brain is lit up by neurotransmitters during sex, which can also improve your brain’s functionality as a whole and your productivity and focus can improve.

The same report also indicates that celibacy can also affect your body’s immune system. During sexual engagement, our body’s immunoglobulin A levels rise and it is a known fact that Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that helps to fight viruses. Therefore, while there is nothing wrong with celibacy, doing it abruptly can impact mental health in the long run.

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