Amazing Benefits of Green Coriander You Never Knew


Coriander seeds, whether whole or powdered, are used almost everyday.

Coriander is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, iron and calcium.

Coriander seeds are a staple ingredient in Indian kitchens. Coriander seeds, whether whole or powdered, are used almost everyday. In this article we are going to talk about green coriander, the humble dhania, which not only enhances the taste of food but is also immensely beneficial to health. Let’s touch upon the numerous health benefits of coriander and the ways in which it improves our body.


Green coriander may help enhance eyesight. The reason behind this is that green coriander is extremely rich in vitamin A. Including this herb in the diet not only gives a boost to one’s eyesight, but also relieves a person of any eye pain.

Nourishment to the body

Green coriander plays a huge role in nourishing the body. Green coriander leaves are loaded with various nutrients like magnesium, vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C and potassium, which are extremely beneficial for health. Vitamin C boosts immunity (which we will address in the next point), while calcium helps in strengthening bones.

Boosts immunty

Eating green coriander helps in strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C present in green coriander also helps in reducing blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. It also helps prevent iron deficiency in blood.


It has been proven that green coriander also plays a great role in improving the digestive abilities of your body. Including it in the daily diet helps the digestive system work properly and gets rid of problems such as gas, constipation and indigestion. Coriander is rich in dietary fibre, which helps in stool formation and bowel movement.

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