Alzheimer’s Disease is Linked to an Individual’s Personality Traits: Study


Researchers in Florida, US, have revealed that the changes in the brain chemistry owing to Alzheimer’s disease can be observed in people with personality characteristics linked with the condition.

The new findings reveal that an individual’s personality can offer protection from life-altering mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and other neurological problems by limiting the growth of neuropathology. It happens primarily in those personalities with low neuroticism and strong conscientiousness.

Exponential growth in the technology of brain scanning helped the researchers in examining tau neuropathology and vivo amyloid and successfully conclude the study. The state of the art latest technologies has also helped in identifying the presence of the disease while people are still living a healthy life without any signs or symptoms.

The study involved the examination of two personality characteristics associated with the disease of Dementia. Researchers, documenting the study, analyzed the inclination for negative emotions. The findings of the study can be accessed via the research repository of Florida State University as well as through an article that has been published online in collaboration with Biological Psychiatry.

It also includes insightful data from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) as well as previous studies included a meta-analysis which is a consolidation of twelve studies on Alzheimer’s disease and personality.

The extensive study covered more than 3,000 participants and merged findings from different other research conducted in the past in this regard. It comprehensive details the connection between neuropathology and personality.

The group of researchers also observed that the connection between personality and neuropathology grows multi-folds in cognitively healthy individuals.

Previous research in this regard indicates that low neuroticism is helpful in combating stress and also shrinks the chances of mental disorders. On the other hand, high conscientiousness has been linked with enhanced physical activities and a disease-free lifestyle.

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