Allure Best of Beauty: 25 Year Anniversary Behind the Scenes


But something was missing. I felt relief anytime somebody showed up at my door to drop off a package or deliver mapo tofu. “Do you want to try one of these?” I would say, and they’d always say “yes,” and they’d always be honest. 

This isn’t even a third of what beauty assistant Talia Gutierrez received in Best of Beauty packages.

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Deputy editor Kara McGrath looking more comfortable lying on a pile of Best of Beauty packages than it actually was.

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Thank You Notes

We couldn’t have done it without you. Our gratitude to the Best of Beauty 2021 expert panel for
lending your brains, faces, and client-colorist relationships:

Colorists Rachel Bodt and Nikki Ferrara; cosmetic chemists Ginger King and Ron Robinson; cosmetic dentists Marc Lowenberg and Lana Rozenberg; dermatologists Doris Day, Mona Gohara, Amy Wechsler, and Heather Woolery-Lloyd; hairstylists Vernon François and DJ Quintero; makeup artists Robin Black and Fiona Stiles; manicurists Holly Falcone and Miss Pop; perfumer Mandy Aftel; oculoplastic surgeon Bruce Moskowitz; sustainability experts Anna Cummins, cofounder and executive director, 5 Gyres, and Tom Szaky, CEO, TerraCycle.

The Future

We asked our editors to imagine the products that might take home a Best of Beauty award in our 50th-anniversary year — 2046. The future is looking…slightly apocalyptic and influenced by the Disney Channel.

Jennifer Hussein, commerce writer: “I’ve always wanted the hair wand in Phil of the Future. His sister waves it over her hair and it straightens it in seconds.”

Nicola Dall’asen, news editor: “It might be a niche 2000s dream, but I’ve always wanted the automated, hands-free blow-dryer from iCarly to be a thing.”

Talia Gutierrez, beauty assistant: “A sunscreen that protects all day. No more reapplications every two hours.”

Jenny Bailly, executive beauty director: “A chic, fireproof bonnet that will protect our hair from the flames that will surround us at all times in 2046.”

Sarah Kinonen, associate beauty director: “Contact lenses you put in once…and then never have to remove because they give you perfect vision. Also, an electric toothbrush with built-in toothpaste.”

Kara McGrath, deputy editor: “A self-toning bleach that is somehow activated by the sun so your hair never goes brassy.” [Editor’s note: Those ever-present flames could be helpful for this.]

Brennan Kilbane, senior writer: “I’m sure whatever Blue Ivy Carter’s future daughter’s lifestyle brand is selling will be fabulous. And I can’t wait to write some captions about it.”

Dianna Mazzone, senior beauty editor: “An at-home robot that cleans your dirty makeup brushes and sponges. Or better yet, a same-day laundry service for them that also offers pickup and delivery.”

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