AkosMD opens AI-powered clinic in India


AkosMD Healthcare, a B2B health technology startup, has launched its first smart, automated retail clinic in India’s national capital region. 

Founded in 2020, the startup operates a teleconsultation platform that offers functionalities such as flexible scheduling, patient data handling, healthcare record management, payment processing, among others.


The AI-powered medical station, AkosMD said, aims to deliver an integrated telemedicine service supporting doctors, insurance firms, and clinics and hospitals. 

Based on a media release, the retail clinic provides comprehensive telemedicine support; an integrated care management platform of healthcare records, analytics and awareness; labs and medicine support network; insurance partnerships; and clinical, behavioural wellness and lifestyle solutions. 


The AI-enabled retail clinic offers a “simple and practical” layout that guides users during their assessment. 

At the station, diagnostic tools are at the disposable of patients for their continuous self-examination. Then, a software – which collects and stores their vital signs and symptoms – makes an automated diagnosis and a treatment plan, which a doctor or care provider can access remotely to confirm. Remote physicians are assisted by on-site personnel throughout the process. 

AkosMD Managing Director Amit Kumar said over the next six months to a year, they plan to launch more AI clinics in other locations across the country.


A similar concept such as AkosMD’s AI clinic already emerged before COVID-19. In 2018, Ping An Good Doctor showcased in China a small, AI-run unstaffed clinic called One-Minute Clinic where patients can have a chat with a cloud doctor about their symptoms. Called AI Doctor, the cloud doctor gathers patients’ medical history and craft a diagnosis plan, which will be passed on to a specialist consultant via telemedicine. 

To provide greater care access for migrant workers during the pandemic, Fullerton Health has set up telemedicine kiosks in Singapore. The Fullerton DigiHealth Kiosk combines telemedicine with automated vending of medicines.



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