Academy set up by scientists to allow ‘free exchange of ideas’


Prof Heneghan, said “Censorship becomes an issue throughout the ages when there are particular stresses… covid created a stress that was a bit like a war phenomenon in the social media in the sense that it decided it had to manage the facts and had to support the government.

Why? It did this without asking questions and saying, “hold on a minute, every government around the world seems to be doing it differently. Which one’s correct? Which one should we follow or not follow?”

He added: “Not all people get the same violations on Twitter taken down, but one person can so there must be people amplifying complaints saying, I don’t like their message so let’s target these individuals. And then Twitter respond: “we’ve got complaints. It meets an algorithm. Let’s take it down.” 

He said social media should be overseen by an independent organisation similar to the Independent Press Standards Organisation which regulates press complaints: “I’m not worried about myself, I’m worried about the basic principle that you can manipulate facts and information to suit a particular ideology, particular morals or particular issues that you think are correct. That is a huge problem. 

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