8 Affordable Dutch Oven Dupes for Le Creuset


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Of all the legendary cooking products you can find in a kitchen, few are as distinct as the Le Creuset Dutch oven. Even if the name “Le Creuset” doesn’t ring a bell, you’d know it if you saw it—these colorful ceramic dishes are just as beloved as, say, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, or the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, and they’re seemingly in every Insta-kitchen you scroll.

While classic and high-quality, the Le Creuset Dutch oven is a splurge. The brand’s smallest models, the 1 quart, start at $160 each. And though you can occasionally find larger versions on sale, they’ll inevitably still cost you somewhere in the triple digits.

That being said, autumn is around the corner, making it an excellent time to break out the Dutch oven for cozy stews, chilis, and casseroles. Rather than putting a major dent in your wallet on a Le Creuset this fall, save on a budget-friendly dupe from premium brands like CrockPot, Rachael Ray, and Berghoff. Featuring the same colorful enamel, ceramic bodies, and overall rustic look, these affordable Dutch ovens are perfect for cooking up cozy fall meals for a fraction of the price.

8 affordable (and pretty) Dutch ovens for cooking up delicious fall dishes


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Crock-Pot Artisan 3 qt. Round Dutch Oven — $45.00

This 3-quart cast iron Dutch oven looks pretty darn close to a Le Creuset, minus the hefty price tag. Its round shape and self-basting lid cooks stews, casseroles, and other dishes evenly, all while looking chic in the candy-colored enamel. Speaking of colors, it’s available in four trendy ombres: teal, bright blue, pink, and green, as well as larger sizes.

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Our Table 6 qt. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven — $50.00

Our Table’s 6-quart model is another vibrant option for a fraction of the designer price. Constructed of sturdy cast iron, the outside features a colorful enamel, while the inside is coated in a smooth, white food-safe finish. It’s budget-friendly and effective, safe to heat up to 450 degrees. Color options include neutrals like black and white, as well as deep jewel tones like cobalt and red.

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Food Network 7-qt. Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven — $40.00

Food Network’s sturdy Dutch ovens start at just $40—a significant discount compared to its designer rival. Whether you’re cooking up a batch of hardy chili or whipping up a side of mac n’ cheese, it’s guaranteed to give you the even, slow cook you’d expect out of a Dutch oven. Available in white, red, graphite, and turquoise.

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Ayesha Curry 6 qt. Cast Iron Dutch Oven — $70.00

This trendy piece of cookware from Ayesha Curry’s collection combines function and beauty. It’s spacious enough to heat up full meals, sides, leftovers—whatever you want. The enamel interior and exterior make for easy clean-up, too, but the stand-out feature is the heart-shaped knob on top of the lid. Available in teal, red, and brown.

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Golden Rabbit Swirl Dutch Oven with Lid — $48.00

Add a chic swirl of color to your stovetop with this marbled Dutch oven by Golden Rabbit. The 4-quart dish swaps ceramic for stainless steel, meaning it’s dishwasher safe for extra easy clean-up and can handle up to 600 degrees of heat. If swirls aren’t your thing, it’s available in solid colors, too.

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Berghoff Neo 3 qt. Round Cast Iron Dutch Oven — $70.00

Small but mighty, the Berghoff 3 quart Dutch oven looks just as classic as the Le Creuset. Its round, rustic shape makes for a timeless design you can use over and over again for all your favorite meals. As for colors, choose from red, orange, green, blue ,and purple—practically the whole rainbow.

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