7 Major Reasons why you are Still Overweight


Here’s a shout-out to everyone out there who is sincerely working towards losing weight and getting healthy in general. Weight loss can be a real struggle without a proper plan and diet in place. People often complain how they are unable to lose weight even after being on a diet and exercising regularly, and that can be quite disappointing. Weight loss is much more than “calories in vs calories out,” and certain roadblocks preventing you from getting leaner may not actually be diet related. In this post, we list out 7 major reasons why you are still overweight and how to overcome them.

1. You have a Sluggish Metabolism: It’s the chemical process which includes everything your body does to turn food into energy and keep you going. In fact, metabolism can be termed as the body’s engine that torches up calories. Most people who are struggling with weight gain may have a sluggish metabolism. So, here are 21 Tricks to Boost your Metabolism and burn more calories in the process.

2. Not Eating Enough Protein: This macronutrient is essential in your weight loss mission. Protein boosts metabolism, burns more calories, and keeps you full for long hours. Your cravings and desire for snacking become lesser. A common side effect of losing weight is slowdown of metabolism which can be countered by eating a high-protein diet. Find high-protein weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app to lose weight successfully.

3. You’re Distracted While Eating: If you compulsorily have to watch TV or scroll through the phone while having a meal, that might be one of the major reasons for not losing weight. Don’t be distracted while you are having food. Every time you have a meal, sit calmly and enjoy each bite. Chew your food properly and slowly. Don’t eat in a rush. Studies have time and again proved that eating mindfully helps in reducing overeating.

4. You Lead a Sedentary Lifestyle: If your job requires you to stick to your chair for long periods of time, your body might not be making enough ‘lipase’ which is an enzyme that is required in the fat-burning process. Try to keep your body active through the day. Take small breaks every few minutes and if that’s not possible, keep fidgeting your legs to prevent the lipoprotein lipase enzyme from shutting down.

5. Your Cheat Day is the Culprit: First of all, it’s not a cheat day, it’s a cheat meal! A cheat meal doesn’t meal letting guards down during the weekend. A cheat meal is a great idea to calm your cravings and feel emotionally great about it, but make sure you are not stretching it into a cheat day or a cheat weekend. Drink lots of water on your cheat day so that even if you eat junk food, you eat in less quantity. Don’t forget you need to watch what you eat.

6. Got a Sweet Tooth: There’s no such thing as a sweet tooth, keep away from added sugar that makes its way through cakes, pastries, biscuits, cookies, packaged fruit juices, etc., into your daily diet. Added sugar is one of the major reasons why people gain weight in the first place – sugar causes insulin spikes, raises inflammation in the body, and most of these calories get stored as fat in the body. Here’s how to cut back on added sugar to lose weight. Also Read: 30 Daily Foods that contain Sugar.

7. No Control over Liquid Calories: If you have cut on colas and soft drinks to cut back on sugar, kudos. But have you taken a liking to fruit juices, energy drinks, flavoured drinks instead? Make no mistake, they have loads of added sugar in them and that’s why switching to plain water is your best option.

8. You are Binge Eating on Healthy Foods: It’s a misconception that one can eat an unlimited amount of “healthy” food and if binge eating includes healthy foods such as nuts, dark chocolate, peanut butter, you are going to gain weight. Healthy foods also have calories and at the end of the day, your body is left with huge amount of calories, so eat everything in moderation.

Hope these tips would turn your weight loss journey into a smooth one.

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