6 Ways to Keep Your Sugar Cravings Under Control This Year


As the new year begins, many have set goals for the months ahead. Reflecting on the past, people make resolutions as per their choice. And among them, many opt for big, determined resolutions like working out, eating good, and living a healthy life. However, the real issue comes when many fail to keep up with them.

Most people who try to follow a good and healthy diet find it difficult to resist their sugar cravings. Waking up early, working out, and having a disciplined schedule is not as challenging as overcoming your sugar cravings.

Dr Shalini Garvin Bliss, Senior Dietician, Columbia Asia Hospital, said that sugar cravings tend to increase as the sun goes down. And consuming high-calorie food late in the evening leads to rapid weight gain.

So, without further ado, let’s get to some tips that can help you control sugar cravings.

1) Drink lots of water: Immediately drink a glass of water if you are craving something sweet. Your stomach will be full and you will not feel the urge. Dehydration can be the cause of cravings.

2) Don’t eat only fruits: Many people tend to follow just a fruitarian diet to lose weight. However, it is not often recommended or endorsed by dieticians. No doubt fruits are packed with numerous health benefits, but the daily diet should be a mix of fruits and lots of vegetables.

3) Go for a walk: Studies have shown that a brisk walk can significantly help you overcome sweet cravings.

4) Don’t Stress: Many people tend to eat more in stress. So better to avoid unnecessary stress.

5) Get Enough Sleep: Getting enough sleep is important for overall health. It may help prevent cravings too.

6) Have a healthy breakfast: Don’t starve yourself. Start your day with a healthy breakfast.

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