6 Products to Perfect the Air-Dried Hair Method


Bathrobe Tie

What it is: You’ve probably seen this trend on TikTok: using a bathrobe tie to dry long hair overnight into waves. Labreque says it’s “traditionally called a rag set, and it creates gorgeous, big waves on long, heavy hair.” However, he notes that it’s too tight for fine hair. To nail this trend, separate your hair into two even parts, then lay a bathrobe tie across your head like a headband. Wrap a 2-inch section of hair around the robe tie, and after it makes a full loop, join in another section and continue all the way around—it should almost resemble a French braid. Fasten the bottom with a hair tie, and for convenience, you can cross both sides in the back, bring them to the top of your head and tie them in place. When you wake up, unravel your hair to unleash beautiful, bouncy curls.



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