6 Deal Breakers In A Relationship That You Cannot Ignore


Falling in love is a beautiful feeling but sometimes, some factors act as relationship deal breakers. There are many factors that come into play while deciding what kind of relationship you want to be in. We all have a mental image and checklist for our ideal partner, a perfect relationship, or even marriage. But sometimes, there are certain habits or behaviour that are just not right and can even be toxic.

Your list of deal-breaks will not be the same as your partner’s, but there are certain factors that are a complete no-no.

In a healthy relationship, couple respect and love each other. But, if your partner is raising his hands or is abusing you emotionally, it is a major deal-breaker.

Your relationship is a secret
If your partner has not informed their friends or family about you, it may mean that either they are already in a relationship or cheating by making you a side piece, or they are afraid of committing to the relationship.

This is another major deal breaker. If your partner is cheating on you do not forgive. Cheating leads to a break of trust and disrespect for the partner to name a few. And if there is no trust, there is no relationship.

Gaslights you or makes you feel guilty
In a heat of an argument, many are guilty of saying things they regret later. But, there’s a fine line between an argument and using the argument to be verbally aggressive and be a jerk. Choose to walk away, if your partner brings up past experiences in an argument with the intention to hurt you, belittles you, or calls you names, gaslights you and pins the blame on you. A healthy relationship has open communication and conflict resolution.

Poor hygiene
It is important to have a good sense of hygiene. From brushing regularly to rinsing your mouth with mouthwash to get rid of the smell of smoke if your partner dislikes it, taking a bath every day and using perfume to prevent body odour, and cleaning up after sex are important. If your partner lacks in this department, it’s time to move on.

Controlling Behavior
If your partner tries to control every aspect of your life, whether your career, your dress choice, or your friends, terminate the relationship. In a healthy relationship, your partner adds value to your life, supports your decisions, and gives constructive criticism.

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