6 Astrology Myths and Misconceptions, Clarified


Horary Astrology — Horary is used for asking yes/no questions with specific time constraints, usually three months or a season.. You can ask, “Will I meet someone this fall?” or “Will I get called in for that interview?” It can also even be used to find lost objects like your phone charger.

Mundane Astrology — The word “mundane” in “mundane astrology” comes from the Latin mundus which means “world.” This type of astrology looks to the stars to understand current events, history, countries, and world trends.

Electional Astrology — If you want to choose the right time for something, you use electional astrology. Use it to plan important events such as surgery, weddings, or a business launch. 

Myth #5: Your natal chart stays the same, meaning you are hopelessly doomed to repeat everything.

Truth: Your natal chart will change over time.

Good news: Many people think of astrology as fixed and unchanging, but it’s actually very fluid. A person has one natal chart (which works as a blueprint for the life they will lead) but that chart continues to move and change, just as we change throughout our lives. Additionally, there are various tactics that can be employed for advancing the birth chart, but these are a bit too complicated to go into unless you understand the specifics of reading one.

Suffice it to say that each person will have a few different charts active at all times. You will have a natal chart, a progressed chart, a solar return for that year etc..

For instance, if a baby is born when the moon is at 28 degrees of watery, dreamy Pisces, by a few months, their progressed moon will now be in fiery, impulsive Aries. The sun progresses through as many as four signs in a person’s lifetime. A person born at the beginning of Aries will progress into Taurus at age 30, Gemini, at 60, and Cancer at 90. A person born with a planet retrograde can have that planet turn direct by progression and vice versa.

So there you have it. These are some of the most common misconceptions I have come across. There are still a few more and even the most astrology-savvy people can feel a little lost. It’s a massive subject with a ton of information, and a lot more nuanced than most people realize.



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