5 Ways to Celebrate Eid During COVID-19, Click Here for Images


It seems the pandemic is not going away any time soon and just like last year, the Eid ul Fitr celebrations will also have to follow the coronavirus-prevention rules. One of the most significant festivals in Islam, Eid ul fitr is when the Muslim followers break their month long fast of Ramzan and celebrate the spirit of sharing and giving to less fortunate people.

Had the virus not taken such a catastrophic form, the festival would have witnessed large celebratory gatherings and prayers in mosques, with communities coming together to have a hearty meal. However, the pandemic is still here and hence people are advised to keep their festivities low-key.

Here are a few ways one can celebrate the festive spirit of Eid ul Fitr while adhering to pandemic precaution rules like social distancing, and hygiene maintenance.

Dress up for the festival

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One way a person can celebrate the occasion is by dressing up for the occasion. Even though most people may not be able to buy new clothes for Eid this year, considering the surging cases of Covid-19 and the following curfews in several states, you can always wear your favourite attire for festive occasions that you have at home.

Cook delicacies

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You can get essential food ingredients from the market and cook the mandatory seviyan to mark Eid-ul-Fitr. Share the love with your family members if you are staying with them or enjoy it by yourself if you are alone and do not forget to call you friends and family.

Virtual celebrations

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A zoom virtual call with your family members and friends will certainly get you closer to the festive spirit of Eid as you enjoy your food and dress up for the call.

Donate to those in need

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The festival of Eid is all about sharing and signifies the importance of Zakat, one of pillars of Islam that promotes the idea of donating to those in need. You can choose to donate to a charity of your choice and help those who are facing unbearable hurdles amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Send gifts

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For a lot of people Eid also means getting Eidi from the elders in the family. Order gifts online and the e-commerce websites will ensure they are delivered to your near and dear ones.

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