5 Tricks To Give Your Old White Shirt a New Look


If there is any kind of stain on your cloth first apply stain remover on it and keep it for a while.

Most of us are afraid of wearing white clothes because they get dirty easily and tough to wash.

White shirts are always on-trend. But there is always a fear that goes on in our mind whenever we put on a white shirt that it may get a stain. Then it becomes very difficult to remove these stains from white clothes. From now on don’t worry at all before wearing a white shirt. We are going to share with you some amazing tips to remove the yellowness in white clothes and make them look new.

Apply detergent before washing: If there is any kind of stain on your cloth first apply stain remover on it and keep it for a while. This will make it easier to remove the stain. If the stain is due to oil, then do not use water. In such a situation, the stain can be cleaned using dry paper or a towel. And remember to use cold water while washing. After applying the stain remover, put the cloth in the washing machine and wash it.

Separate the whites: Always remember to wash your white shirts separately. Else there is always a change of the colours from other clothes ruining your whites.

Choose the right detergent: To pick a perfect detergent for white clothes check the ones which contain an optional brightener. This helps to minimize the yellow stain and make clothes look brighter.

Use vinegar: While washing your white clothes in the washing machine, simply add a cup of vinegar . It prevents the colour from fading away and adds freshness to the clothes. The properties of vinegar help to break the stain and lock the colorus of the white clothes.

Air Dry: Always try to air dry your clothes. Set up a clothesline and hang your garments to dry naturally. Doing it also keep the clothes smelling fresh.

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