5 Things Christie Brinkley Does to Look This Great at 66


Christie Brinkley just turned 66 on February 2nd, but by the looks of her glowing complexion and smooth skin, we’re convinced she’s aging backwards. Looking back on our many interviews with the supermodel throughout the years, she always has consistent responses when we ask her about how she stays looking youthful. Scroll through to see her tried-and-true beauty secrets and what she does to stay healthy.

She has an antioxidant-rich diet. 
Brinkley credits much of her health to clean eating and a vegetarian diet (which she has been practicing since the age of thirteen). In an interview with NewBeauty, Brinkley tells us how she “subscribes to a rainbow diet.” She explains, “the more colors you can eat in a day, the better.” In the morning, she likes to start her day off with an array of colorful fruit and for dinner, she brings in greens by eating different vegetables. Her antioxidant-rich diet is also to blame for her effortless, dewy skin.

She relies on a variety of different workouts. 
Christie’s toned body proves that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to working out. She tells us that “the best exercise routine is not to have a routine, to mix it up.” Brinkley usually likes to warm up with her Total Gym, an at-home machine that forces you to use your own body weight to build strength. After that, she often finishes her workout outside, whether that means running through the woods, bike riding on the beach, paddle-boarding, kayaking or taking yoga classes. She switches it up every day, which allows her to work every part of her body and stay energized.

She believes in the power of supplements. 
Biosil ($56), the supplement Christie swears by, is formulated to enhance the production of collagen, elastin and keratin. She tells us that whenever she would get stressed, her eyelashes would thin out in the corners and her hair would become patchy. “My great hairdresser friend told me to start using Biosil and that has really helped me a lot. The added benefit: my nails are better and it also builds collagen and elastin throughout the body. All the moving parts in your body need that for flexibility. It really helps everything from the heart to the blood vessels.” Also in Brinkley’s pill box: vitamins B, E and D, plus calcium to keep her nutrient levels up. 

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She started young. 
“I was a very early exfoliator,” says Brinkley of the practice she started after reading an article about how men always look five years younger than women the same age. Why? Because men shave almost every day, which provides daily exfoliation. She tells us that this is the most important part of her skin-care routine—along with lots of laughter, which is the best anti-aging tool.

Brinkley is also a huge user of sunscreen and tries to influence her kids to be the same. She tells us that putting off the use of sunblock is her “number one beauty regret because the fastest way to age your skin is the sun.” We couldn’t agree more!

She’s not afraid of procedures. 
Brinkley has gone on the record many times about the in-office help she’s proud to have gotten. “It’s important to keep in mind that after plastic surgery, you still want to look like yourself. If my neck is making me look older than I feel, it’s really just about correcting a couple little things, it shouldn’t be a ‘make me look like someone else’ situation,” she says. Her go-to solution? Ultherapy, a noninvasive skin-tightening and lifting procedure that targets the skin on the neck, chin and brow to improve lines and wrinkles. “The thing I like about it most is that it’s so natural—it’s literally telling your body to behave the way it did when you were younger,” she tells NewBeauty. “When you’re younger, your body is naturally creating the collagen and elastin and giving you that youthful glow, and then it starts to slow down. Ultherapy says, ‘Not so fast. You get back in there and start doing your thing.’”