5 Steps To Not Letting Your Past Affect Your Present Relationships


Past affects our present in many ways, including our relationships. The emotional baggage of past relationships also affects present relations. People may do repetition compulsion, a process to fix mistakes that happened in the past. This process can often hamper the current relationships as well. This article curates ways in which you don’t let your past affect current relationships.

Make a strong commitment:

Nothing will happen unless you make a strong commitment within yourselves. Make a promise that irrespective of any situation, you will not let your past relationships affect the present. It will take some time to turn this promise into practicality but will work.

Accept your mistakes:

Mistakes happen in every relationship. People are often not able to move on because they suffer from guilt associated with these mistakes. People need to accept that they are not perfect in every sense and make some mistakes. This feeling will eventually make them feel easy and not hamper current relationships.

Be compassionate to yourself:

The process of self-compassion involves treating yourself with kindness and care. Often people end up harming themselves physically and mentally, pressurised under the guilt of the past. This habit should be avoided. When thoughts about self-harm become excessive, they need to be replaced with more positive ones. For this practice, a journal or diary can prove helpful.

Find happiness in the small joys of life:

Try to find happiness in small things. It could be good weather, a lip-smacking meal, or spending time in nature. People can find happiness in pursuing hobbies as well. Besides these things, meditation can also prove to be instrumental in soothing frayed nerves.

Cutting contact with ex-partners on social media:

Many people often try to find out what is going on in the lives of their ex-partners on social media. They will then compare their and ex-partners lives. Eventually, it will result in unhappiness. Cut all contacts with ex-partners on social media.

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