5 Signs That Prove You’re In A Healthy Relationship


Compatibility, understanding, respect and mutual trust build a healthy relationship. But what exactly is a healthy relationship? Well, it is one that focuses on creating balance and harmony. A healthy bond involves honesty, trust, respect, and communication between partners.

It requires efforts and compromises from both sides, and there is no imbalance of power. You and your partner trust and respect each other, are independent, celebrate each other’s achievements, and support each other when in need.

Here are some signs that show your relationship is healthy.

1. Their presence eases you
If their mere presence helps you relax and calm, it is a big sign of a healthy relationship. You can be yourself with them without putting on any filter.

2. Your partner is patient with you
Nobody should try to change you or tear you down if you don’t fit into their idea of you. In a healthy and healing relationship, your partner is patient with you. If you are struggling emotionally or mentally, your partner will be there to support you, give your space to cope, and will encourage you.

3. Boundaries are respected and appreciated
People make boundaries to keep themselves safe. Stating your needs, making boundaries, and speaking up when your partner hurts you show that you are in a healthy relationship.

4. Growth in relationship
Growth is an important aspect of every relationship. A healthy relationship offers that space and opportunity for you to grow as a person. If your partner encourages your growth, hold on to this person.

5. Unconditional support
Supporting each other in times of crisis, or your partner’s work, or ideas, and helping them achieve it, is a good sign of a relationship. If you and your partner encourage each other to shine in their respective career, such a bond will always help you to grow as an individual.

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