5 Red Flags of Stomach Cancer that You Should Not Ignore


Unlike many other diseases that start showing symptoms early on, stomach cancer can be deceptive in its warning signals. Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells on the inner lining of the stomach. It starts with pre-cancerous changes in the stomach before cancer develops. While there are no clear known symptoms of stomach cancer, the disease can lead to a rare skin disorder called Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji (PEO). The skin disorder leads to small, raised bumps on the skin infiltrations, swelling and desquamation (skin peeling) in almost all of the body, especially on the face. Here are five other signs that may be a possible red flag for stomach cancer.

Abdominal Pain

While it’s usual to feel some discomfort in the stomach because of bad eating choices, pain in abdominal may also be an early sign of stomach cancer. If the pain continues more than it usually does, an expert medical opinion should immediately be sought.

Constant Bloating

In the early stages, when cancer spreads to the inlining of the stomach, it may result in the accumulation of fluid inside your abdominal cavity causing stiffness in the wall of the stomach. This may also impact the stomach’s ability to hold food and lead to a feeling of constant bloating. Your appetite may also be disturbed by this development in the body.

Blood Stool

Another major symptom of stomach cancer is blood stools. While it can happen in other non-cancerous gastric issues, consulting a doctor is advisable if you experience blood in your stool.

Declining Red Blood Cell Count

A decline in the red blood cell count or anaemia is one of the symptoms of stomach cancer. You can lose red blood cells more quickly than your body can produce due to the bleeding caused by the cancerous tumour. As a result, your body receives less oxygen causing a constant feeling of weakness or exhaustion.

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