5 Key Things to Keep in Mind While Apologising To Your Partner


To err is human. In a relationship, two people are continuously evolving. No matter how perfect your relationship might be or how hard you try, you will always end up committing some mistake or another. The important thing is to be ready to accept your mistakes and apologise.

However, a lot of people fail to apologise. Our egos clash with our partners and that leads to us trying and proving ourselves right all the time. This could make things worse. If an apology can save your relationship, do not delay in doing so. According to bustle, here are some steps to make sure you apologise the right way:

Tone – Always check your tone while apologising. If it comes off as half-hearted even when you mean it, things might just get worse. Make sure you don’t show an unnecessary attitude while apologising to your partner, or it can further irritate them and even a small quarrel between the two of you can turn into a huge fight.

Explain your point of view – Disagreements can happen because one of you does not understand the other’s point of view. Try to understand where each of you are coming from. This can help resolve your fights faster. Otherwise, either of you could feel that the other one is not making any sense.

Acknowledge their feelings – Make sure you consider your partner’s feelings. It would be insensitive of one to not care at all about how their loved one is feeling. Perspectives and feelings should always be considered to ensure you empathise with your partner and that both of you cool down quickly.

Show them you mean it – Make sure that your apology holds a meaning. If you repeat the same mistakes again and again, it only shows that you’re inconsiderate and not accepting of your partner’s perspective. If some solutions do not work, make new ones. But don’t fall back into the upsetting behaviour at any cost.

Remind them how much you love them – Expressing your love is important in a relationship. It keeps the warmth. Make sure that you make them feel loved and special from time to time. This could be done in various ways like taking your partner out on a date, doing the chores at home and giving your partner some much-needed personal space, a heartfelt gesture, etc. Sometimes even a simple “I love you” with a hug can do the trick.

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