5 Gift Ideas to Brighten the Joyous Occasion


The Coronavirus pandemic has put everything on a bind. Travelling has become restricted as is meeting with extended family members and friends. But that shouldn’t come in the way of making things bright and merry for your loved ones. Here are five gift ideas to brighten the joyous occasion.

Baked gifts

The warm and inviting smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies is unavoidable during Christmas. There is probably no better gift idea than sending some nicely wrapped homemade cakes and cookies to distant family members and friends. Use the vanilla essence or add some dark chocolate chips, flavoured syrups on the dough and you are good to go. One can also add some rum in the recipe to pack in some extra zing.

2 Warm Clothes

Weave some nice warm sweaters for your precious tykes and the fine and wise elderly folk at home. Better not forget the spouses either, lest they feel left out. Caps and gloves can be woven quicker and are great as gift items as well.

3 Carpets

Touching the cold marble floor tiles with our feet as we wake up on chilly winter mornings is an uncomfortable feeling that most of us can relate to. Carpets would help keep our feet warm. Hence, gifting carpets to family members and friends can be a great Christmas gesture. The pets are bound to love them too.

4 Books

Winter makes us all a bit sluggish. The cold coupled with reduced daylight hours makes our bodies produce more melatonin, which encourages sleepiness. We feel more relaxed. This is an ideal time to read those unopened books. Do the same for your family and friends and gift them some books that you loved reading. Books are a great gift anytime.

5 Greetings Cards

Often the most memorable items are the simplest ones. Hand-painted Christmas greetings cards are perfect gifts. The warmth of the personal messages coupled with the art makes them unforgettable.



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