5 Easy Tricks to Remove Stains and Scratches on Your Laptop


Nowadays we can’t think of a day without our laptops. Some of us have been using the laptop for a while now and might have seen small scratches or stains on its screen. Well, those scratches and stains on laptop screens do not look nice at all, and they may sometimes distract you while working.

Now, you may be worrying if you can fix this or not. So here is good news for you that you can fix this at home in minutes. So we are going to share with you some laptop cleaning tips, by following which you can make the laptop shine like a completely new one.

1. Clean with an eraser: The use of an eraser can be the best option to clean the scratches on the laptop screen. Rub the laptop screen lightly with the help of an eraser. Now after rubbing for 4-5 minutes, the scratch on the laptop screen will disappear immediately.

2. Rubbing Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol is not only a good option to clean the scratches on laptop screens you can also use this to clean the TV and mobile handset. Wipe the screen and clean it. Then dip the microfiber cloth in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the screen. This will remove all the stains on the screen and your screen will start shining like a completely new one.

3. Petroleum Jelly: The use of petroleum jelly can also be a good option to remove scratches and stains on the laptop screen. For this, apply petroleum jelly to the laptop screen and rub it with a microfiber cloth and leave it for a while. Now after some time, your screen will be cleaned when wiped with a dry cloth.

4. Ease Stain With Scratch Remover: You can also take the help of scratch remover to remove laptop stains. The use of toothpaste for this can also prove to be very effective. At the same time, many scratch removers are easily present in the market. Using this you can easily brighten the screen of laptops, TV, and smartphones.

5. Automobile windscreen polish: For screens with deep scratches and stains go for automobile windscreen polish. This premium polish with nano-hybrid technology will do wonders to your laptop screen.

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