5 Deal Breakers If You Are Dating A Green Warrior 


Being the ones that must literally witness the impact of climate change throughout their lives, Genz on Tinder, a dating app is loud and proud about their love for mother nature and wears their green heart on their sleeve. Their support for sustainability and their imminent need to protect and care for the planet has given them a leg up in eco-living than any other generation. For them it is not just about preaching but also about showing up and putting it into action. We are now seeing more Gen Z adding interests like environmentalism, vegan cooking, gardening, and even second-hand apparel to their dating app bios. This is a clear indication that being a green warrior is not just a way of life, but it impacts Genz’s dating choices too.

On World Environment Health Day today, five eco-conscious GenZ daters share some absolute deal breakers for nature lovers to help find your perfect cli(mate) warrior:
Believing climate change is a ‘hoax’

Mentions of eco-conscious went up 3X in bios showing that GenZ is looking for a green warrior to fight climate change with them. Nidhi Nayan, 25-year, Siliguri, says, Climate change is for real. I cannot deal with anyone who does not take this seriously especially when it comes to dating. We can only vibe if they are part of the eco-conscious tribe.” So, tell your potential matches that you are a believer by adding climate change to your profile.
Changing wardrobes like seasons

Just because your instafam has seen that dress, does not mean it needs to go in the trash. In case you missed the memo, GenZ is all about pre-loved and upcycled fashion now. Infact, mentions of thrifting increased by 56% on dating apps. “I love fashion but I am also aware of the negative impact of fast fashion. For me, my perfect match would be someone who feels the same way because DIY-ing or upcycling clothes together could be so much fun,” says Shreyash Korde, 23-year-old, New Delhi. Show off your thriftiness by adding second-hand apparel to your interests. Maybe even take your potential match to your favourite thrift store on your first date.

All talk and no show

GenZ believes in leading by example when it comes to sustainable living, so much so that the mentions of sustainability have almost doubled in app bios since 2021. Kani Panjwani, 20-year-old, Bangalore, says, Genuinely caring about the planet and climate change is so hot. I would love for my first date to be a beach clean drive where we can have our chit-chats and at the same time make our small contribution to a cleaner environment.” 
Say you love animals and be a non-vegetarian at the same time

If you love animals, then this one is for you. Making sustainable lifestyle choices like supporting cruelty-free brands or veganism could not only be great for the planet but your dating life too! “Turning vegan is not hard. And if you are ready to commit to this change, it shows that you care not just for the environment but for your furry friends too. Besides, coffee dates are so cliche, going to a vegan restaurant or a pet-friendly park is more my kinda vibe!” exclaims Shania Periera, 22-year-old, MumbaiProclaim your love for the healthy way of life and show your support for the voiceless by adding vegan as an interest in your bio.

Using jokes about their plants dying to explain their laid-back personality

Plant parent as a term has been gaining immense popularity, in fact, mentions of plant parent in bios increased by 2x. “Being a plant parent says so much about someone’s personality. It shows that they are caring, committed and attentive – exactly the qualities I look for in a potential match,” notes Palak Jain, 23-year-old, Pune. 

If you are a plant mommy or daddy, and your phone is full of reminders to water your babies, you are not alone. Add gardening as an interest to your profiles and watch the green matches come flowing in.

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