45 Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start the Day Off Right


There is a time for extravagant breakfasts that take an hour-plus to prepare—and it is not busy weekday mornings. That means quick and easy breakfast ideas are essential for all those mornings when you need to feed yourself something tasty and filling—but also have a million other things to get to. (Monday, anyone?)

While we all have a different definition of “easy,” generally speaking you can count on a breakfast being relatively low-effort if it involves fewer than 10 ingredients, 10 to 15 minutes of prep max, and not much actual cook time (if any). Think fruit-packed yogurt parfaits, super-simple egg-and-veggie scrambles, and fast smoothies. 

These 45 time-saving breakfast recipes are all relatively simple to make. Many you can throw together at the last minute, while some of these recipes are ideal for prepping a big batch that you can enjoy all week. Still others are great for getting started on the night before, so that there’s just a step or two left in the morning. (Stirring together oats and milk for overnight oats doesn’t take much time to do before bed, for instance.) 

And don’t think that quick and low effort means you’re going to be stuck eating the most basic breakfasts. These easy breakfast ideas include a variety of delectable brunch-worthy eats, like pancakes and French toast, without all the work. 

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