25 Ways to Style Baby Hairs No Matter Your Skill Level — See Photos


Whether they’re swooped to the side or sculpted into curlicues, baby hairs are a cute detail that can be the cherry on top of a style. With so many creative ways to lay them down, finessing your edges (and the products it takes to do so) have come a long way. Just ask Los Angeles-based hairstylist Fesa Nu. “Edge styling can add a more elegant or dramatic twist to any style depending on how much baby hair you leave out,” she says, emphasizing her love for dramatic swoops and loops on any hair look — whether it be a high pony or braided straight backs.

But before you start to twirl your own edges in place, Fesa has a few tips. “A no-no when styling your own baby hairs is, do not use an oil-based edge control if you want them to last [for as long as you’re wearing] the hairstyle.” The reason? Oily edge control products have a soft hold you can easily sweat through by the end of the day. New York City-based hairstylist David Lopez also cautions those styling heat-pressed edges that “water-based gels can sometimes cause your texture to revert, making it curly again. Petroleum-based products or a beeswax with a hold are best in this case,” he says. 

If you’ve got very tight, coiled, or kinky hair, the Instant Control Edge & Braid Gel Max Hold is a good product to start with, the same goes for Murray’s Edgewax. Fesa also mentions the Style Factor Edge Booster as a product she generally likes to work with when she’s doing baby hairs. Once you’ve gotten your edge control on hand, there’s the matter of actually shaping your edges. The tools you use to do so can vary, but Fesa says she prefers using her hands and baby hair brush with a metal rat-tail end. 

“Smooth your baby hairs down with the brush side and create a shape with the rat tail,” says Fesa who typically finishes off the shape with her fingers. Our favorite edge tool is the Best of Beauty-winning Baby Tress Edge Styler, and Lopez loves the Edge Brush from Pattern Beauty.

Once your baby hairs are shaped, cover them with a satin wrap or a “sanek” strip (those neck protectors they use in barbershops) then hit them with a blow-dryer. “The faster the baby hairs dry down, the better the upkeep is,” Fesa says. Once your hairs are dry, take the wrap off and then carefully spray your exposed edges with got2B Schwarzkopf Glued Blasting Freeze Hair Spray “to seal the hair in place for longer-lasting results,” Fesa advises.

Now that you’ve got some direction, it’s time to live your baby hair fantasy. Take a peek at some of the looks that have been inspiring us as of late.

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