21 Best Skin-Care Gifts and Skin-Care Sets 2021


We all have that knowledgeable friend we turn to when we’re seeking any type of skin-care advice. The same friend likely gives the best skin-care gifts, keeps an ear to the ground on beauty trends, has a very impressive top shelf of products that could rival any vlogger, and doesn’t go a day without reminding you about the importance of daily sunscreen. One benefit of having a friend who’s up on skin-care maintenance (aside from having a personal SPF alarm) is that there’s usually no question about what to get them as a gift for birthdays, holidays, and everything in between.

Even if your friend currently has more masks in their bathroom than Sephora, they’ll probably be super excited to receive a new beauty product or tool to add to their growing collection. So if you’re looking for the best skin-care gifts that still feel thoughtful and unique, check out some of our top picks for the friend who practically moonlights as an esthetician. Just remember to shop early—experts are warning of worldwide shipping delays this holiday season. 

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