18 Flavorful, Delicious Snacks From POC-Owned Brands


Product to try:

Caribbean Delight Granola

4. A Dozen Cousins

Ibraheem Basir grew up eating a blend of Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American flavors. As he got older, he wanted to create a convenient food that honored the cooking he grew up enjoying. So he launched A Dozen Cousins, which offers a variety of flavored beans ready in less than a minute. You can enjoy the products on toast, with nachos, tortillas, or with veggies, to name a few ideas. The company is passionate about increasing access to healthy foods in low-access communities and provides grants and volunteer support to nonprofits working to address this.

Product to try:

Refried Black Beans (Pack of 8)

5. Flows Grocery

This online grocer sources its supplies exclusively from brands and businesses owned by people of color, and its pillars are group economics, food security, promotion of entrepreneurship, and increasing visibility of Black-owned brands. It offers a wide range of foods, snacks, and even has personal care and beauty products. The grocer also offers free shipping deals if you buy multiple products.

Product to try:

One Stop Pickle Shop Sweet Heat Spears

6. Symphony Chips

This family-owned business started off as a spice company, and during an in-store demonstration, they began to put their spices on chips so people could really pick up on the flavors. People loved the spices but also really wanted the chips, and so Symphony Chips was born. A gourmet potato chip, they offer a variety of flavors from balsamic to smoked.

Product to try:

Smoked Flavor Potato Chips (Pack of 6)

7. Power Bites

Busy father and chef Sharif Rasheed was on a quest to whip up a soft granola bar for his teething son, and when he made his first batch, the granola broke up into square pieces. His son actually loved the end result, which gave Rasheed the idea for his company. Power Bites contain a great balance of dark chocolate, dates, maple syrup, oats, almond butter, and more. The company is also big on social impact and donates a percentage of all sales to public school teachers.

Product to try:

Salted Peanut Butter Crunch (5 Bags)

8. Partake Foods

When Denise Woodward’s daughter got diagnosed with severe food allergies, it was challenging for Woodward and her husband to find healthy snacks that were safe for their daughter but also tasted good. As a result, Woodard left her corporate job to launch her very own snack company. Aside from great products, Partake offers mentorship programs for women and people of color and works with the Food Equality Initiative to help increase food access for families in need.

Product to try:

Crunchy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (3 Boxes)

9. Pipcorn Snacks

Pipcorn came about when Jeff Martin and his sister, Jen, popped a batch of heirloom popcorn kernels together and were blown away by the flavor. They found the Indiana farmer who grew the kernels directly from his family’s heirloom seed supply, and the rest is history. They added Jeff’s wife, Teresa, to the team, and launched their business. The business has been featured on Oprah and Shark Tank, its products are available in Whole Foods, and the team has expanded their snack line to include cheese balls, corn dippers, crackers, and more.

Product to try:

10. Siete Foods

This Mexican-American food company is a family effort in many ways. Veronica Garza is co-founder and president, while her brother, Miguel, is co-founder and CEO. Their grandma has even noted that the company’s grain-free tortillas taste better than her own! In addition to tortillas, Siete Foods creates tortilla chips, hot sauces, dairy-free queso, enchilada sauce, and more.

Product to try:

Ranch Grain-Free Tortilla Chips (24 Bags)

11. Nature’s Path

Founded by husband and wife duo Arran and Ratana Stephens, Nature’s Path offers 100+ products, from cereals, granolas, bars, biscuits, and more. Their daughter, Jyoti, leads sustainability efforts within the company around issues like ethical sourcing, energy efficiency, and waste reduction, and their son, Arjan, leads the expansion of the company’s products. With so many products (and flavors), there’s a lot to sample. 

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