16 Best Meat Delivery Services to Try in 2022: Rastelli’s, Crowd Cow, Wild Fork & More


Cost: Standard and family-size curated boxes range from $118 to $187. Individual items vary in price. Memberships are free and provide a discount on products and free shipping on some orders.

Availability: Nationwide, except Alaska and Hawaii

Customer review: “Crowd Cow offerings are fantastic. High-quality products with excellent packing and shipping. Highly recommend giving Crowd Cow a try!” – Anthony

Why it’s worth it: Wild Fork offers a huge selection of beef, steaks, pork, lamb, sausages and specialty meats, like ostrich and venison. And, you can find plenty of wild-caught, grass-fed, and antibiotic-free options. Purchase portions individually or snag one of the many bundles that contain a mix of meat and sides. Membership ($29 a year) and gets you free shipping and may even score you free same-day pickup (depending on where you live).

Cost: Bundles range from $15 to $350. Individual items vary in price.

Availability: 38 states and Washington, D.C.

Customer review: “They say money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you bacon which is pretty much the same thing!” – Jeff

Why it’s worth it: From grass-fed and grass-finished beef to pasture-raised chicken to heritage pork to wild-caught seafood, FarmFoods has tons of high-quality options to satisfy your meat cravings. Along with buying individual items, samplers and variety packs are also available. You can even nab a portion of a whole cow or pig. Shipping is free on orders over $99, and items arrive frozen packed in dry ice.

Cost: Value pack pricing starts at about $60; prices of individual items vary.

Availability: Nationwide, but free shipping isn’t available to Hawaii, Alaska or the U.S. Virgin Islands

Customer review: “I truly value pasture-raised/organic high-quality products and FarmFoods provides both within a single site. For variety, quality and price FarmFoods is number 1.” – Barbara

Why it’s worth it: Porter Road sources meat from farms that are family-owned and operated in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, so the farms are carefully vetted for sustainability and husbandry standards. Their products are hand-cut, and all the beef is dry-aged for at least 14 days. Meats, including beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, are antibiotic- and hormone-free and sold as individual cuts, in bundles or via subscriptions. Choose from a butcher’s choice box, a best-of box, and more— subscribers can have their picks delivered every two, four, or eight weeks.

Cost: Subscription boxes range from $100 to $127; individual prices vary.

Availability: Nationwide, except for Alaska and Hawaii

Customer review: “Porter Road has become my go-to source for top-quality meat and prompt delivery. I’ve ordered twice now and both times the quality has exceeded my expectations. In addition, their packaging is eco-friendly. Top-notch.” – Warren

6. ButcherBox

Why it’s worth it: This Instagram-friendly meat delivery service focuses on delivering grass-fed, grass-finished beef, crate-free raised pork, free-range organic chicken, and wild-caught seafood. ButcherBox works with farmers and fishermen committed to sustainability, and runs their meat-processing facilities with high-quality standards. ButcherBox is only available on a subscription basis, but you have five boxes to choose from—a custom box, mixed box, beef and chicken box, beef and pork box, and all-beef box. Meats are frozen and delivered every four, six, or eight weeks in an eco-friendly insulated box.



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