12 Best Coffee Makers for 2020: Pour-Over, French Press, Espresso


Finding the best coffee maker for your morning brew can be deeply personal: Some people are pour-over purists, while others like their coffee strong and bitter à la Italian stovetop moka pot, or the smooth and aromatic pour they get from a French press (called a cafetière in France, though—fun fact—it actually originated in Italy). Others might want something quick and easy that gets the job done without much hassle and cleanup involved. There are as many models available as there are beans to fill them with, so to help you narrow down your search, we tapped baristas and coffee shop owners around the country for their recommendations on the best coffee makers for brewing café-quality java at home. 

Here you’ll find everything from fancy espresso machines to classic, low-tech drippers (which would make great gifts this year, if you’re not just trying to stock your own kitchen). So whether coffee is your true love or your quarantine lifeblood, these are the professional-approved must-haves for anyone who needs a little pep right now.

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