10 Foods to Avoid to Burn Stomach Fat


Belly fat comes under the “stubborn fat” category because it’s not easy to spot reduce or burn it up due to the presence of more alpha receptors in the fat cells that are resistant to the process of lipolysis. Now, here’s how the fat-burning process happens – when the body is in calorie deficit, certain chemicals such as adrenaline and noradrenaline get inside fat cells and attach themselves to alpha or beta receptors on these cells and stimulate the release of fat molecules from within so that they can be used up as energy. These fatty acids are then utilized as fuel when they are burnt up in the mitochondrial area of the cell. The alpha receptors obstruct the process of fat burning whereas beta receptors facilitate it. That means, fat cells with beta receptors are more responsive to fat burning while those with alpha receptors do not. That’s why, belly fat, which majorly is made of fat cells with alpha receptors are highly resistant and do not participate in the fat-burning process promptly. It becomes extremely important to keep a tabs on the daily diet to avoid foods that would not add fat layers to the existing belly fat and come in the way of abdominal fat burning. Check out effective weight loss diet programs on the Rati Beauty app to find out how you can lose weight the healthy way and reduce the circumference of the waist as well. In this post, we list down 10 foods to avoid to burn stomach fat.

1. White Bread: Refined carbs are bad and so is white bread. If keeping your waistline thin is your primary goal, then we would recommend that you avoid white bread because it is devoid of nutrients or fiber but contains a lot of calories. Opt for whole wheat brown bread, multi-grain ones, or these breads are good replacements for white bread.
2. Packaged Fruit Juices: Fruit juices that come in bottles and in packaged form contain high amounts of sugar without any fiber content. Additionally, they contain artificial flavours, colors, and preservatives. These fruit juices pump a high amount of glucose and carbs into the body which inevitably get stored as belly fat.
3. Pastries/Cakes/Cupcakes: High in sugar, refined carbs, and high amount of empty calories, the calories from these food items stall the fat-burning process, particularly of belly fat.
4. Beer: Have you heard about “beer belly?” Too many empty calories from beer can turn a snatched waist to a protruding belly, and that’s why it’s important to cut down on beer to melt away belly fat.
5. Pizza: Save up your favorite pizza as a cheat meal indulgence because regular slices of thin crust or heavy crust pizza will increase the waist circumference.
6. Soft Drinks/Fizzy Beverages: These drinks have a high number of empty calories that are high in sugar which increase abdominal fat and also leads to overall weight gain.
7. Fat-Free Foods: Contrary to popular belief, fat-free foods aren’t that healthy. In fact, healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the fat-burning process. In the absence of fats, companies add a lot of sugar to compensate for the bland taste when fat content is ripped off. Rather that going fat-free, pick healthy fats, avoid transfat and saturated fat.
8. Cereal boxes: Packaged cereals are considered a healthy breakfast option, but most of them are loaded with sugar and can be the same as eating a bowl of ice cream. Choose your cereals carefully, and pick traditional breakfasts over processed ones.
9. Potato Chips and French Fries: The key ingredient in both these delicacies are potatoes. Although potatoes are themselves healthy; however, the way French fries and potato chips are prepared in oil and transfat makes them fattening, especially for the waist.
10. Candies/Chocolates: Candies and chocolates are extremely unhealthy. They are primarily made of sugar which can wreak havoc on our health and lead to rapid weight gain. Avoid them at all cost if losing weight is your priority.

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